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Smart scanner for iPhone.

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Awesome Scanner available for iPhone.
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How Awesome Scanner work ?
scan Scan

Supports single and multi-page documents

Detect borders Detect borders and correct perspective

Auto and manual perspective correction

Noise removal Noise removal and color enhancement

Can process scans as colored, grayscale, and black/white

Share Share

(via email), printed, or saved to Photos. Upload to Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive.

Turn your iPhone into a smart scanner!

Transform unruly piles of documents, receipts, business cards and anything else into shiny digital data.

smart scanner

Extremely simple to use

  • Supports single and multi-page documents.
  • Automatic detection for document edges.
  • Automatic perspective correction.
smart scanner

Smart Scanner

  • Can process scans as colored, grayscale, and black/white.
  • Auto document enhancement and noise removal.
  • Custom document enhancement (change brightness/contrast, and rotate).
Smart Scanner

Sync your documents

With Awesome Scanner, you can get to your documents from virtually anywhere by using Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote accounts.

documentes sync

Sync with iCloud

Access your content on all your devices. Share Documents with your favorite people. Whether you have one Apple device or five, iCloud takes care of everything.
cloud icon

And More

Scan can be captured by the camera or imported from Photos.
Search for documents and papers via the Search tool.
Ability to set the page size for the generated PDF.

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