Lancôme Enhances Mobile Experience
36% Lift in Mobile Revenue
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Customer experience and focus have always been a Lancôme priotity, so it is not surprising that they are on the forefront of technology when it comes to their customers’s mobile experience. Throughout 2016, Lancôme Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Malik Abu-Ghazaleh was paying close attention as Lancôme mobile traffic steadily increased.
The Challenge
Rich Content designed for desktops, was increasing mobile page load times.
Mobile user experience was full of friction, affecting customer journey.
Overall Mobile performance was too slow.
The solution
Mobify Progressive Web App Approach
Deliver App-like User Experience
Deliver a user experience that is fast and intuitive
The Results
Overall engagement metrics are impressive, with pages per session up 50% year-over-year (YOY), and bounce rate down 35%.. “Year-over-year transactions are up 23% and average order value is up 11% ,” Abu-Ghazaleh reports. “As a result, we’ve seen a 36% lift in mobile revenue.” Lancôme’s new mobile website was given Google’s stamp of approval and categorized as “exemplary” when evaluated against Google’s Progressive Web App checklist. Google uses an auditing tool that runs a barrage of tests and scores the performance, quality and correctness of a Progressive Web App on a scale from 1 to 100. Lancôme’s Progressive Web App received a “Lighthouse” score of 94/100 – up from a score of 34.
Mobile Revenue
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Mobify partner ITG Software Engineering handled the process of integrating the platform and building out the PWA front-end experience.