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Push Notifications Increase eCommerce Sales 100%
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eXtra is Saudi Arabia’s leading and fastest-growing consumer electronics and home appliance retailer. They serve over 12 million shoppers at 40+ stores across Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. With over 2.5 million shoppers discovering, researching, and purchasing via eXtra.com every month, eXtra’s 100% year-on-year mobile growth is driven by the mobile web.
The Challenge
2.5 Million montly shoppers via eXtra.com
100% year over year increase in mobile web activity
Customer re-engagement was via email
The solution
Mobify Mobile Shopping Platform
Implement Push Notifications
Mobile web look and feel exactly like native app Notifications
The Results
  • Those selecting Push Notificationswere were 4 times more often to the site
  • Push Notifications provided a 12% click-through rate
  • The return on investment was substantia, eXtra saw a 100% increase in sales from those arriving via web push.
“Push Notifications are a huge part of our mobile engagement strategy,” says Mujeeb Hazzaa, chief business development officer. “It’s a more personal way to communicate with our customers. That’s incredibly valuable to our bottom line.”
Push Notifications provided a
click-through rate.
Increase in sales from those arriving via web push.
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Mobify partner ITG Software Engineering handled the process of integrating the platform and building out the PWA front-end experience.