As a leading industry systems integrator for a wide variety of e-Commerce platforms, ITG saw early on the eventual shift and positioning of Mobile as the leading e-Commerce channel. This allowed us to invest and develop robust delivery teams across a wide variety of Mobile technologies: Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) Native Development for iOS and Android, inclusive of Hybrid applications. React/Redux Frameworks Responsive Web Design ITG has recently partnered with Mobify, the leading provider of PWA experiences, which provide features and functionality once only available via native applications. Partnering with Mobify to implement and deliver exceptional customer experiences on their platform has enabled ITG to gain experience serving the most demanding mobile clients such as Lancôme, HobbyCraft and eXtra. ITG is also well versed in the creation and maintenance of native applications. Our award winning Apple App Store applications – iCalendar and Awesome Scanner – have been around for years

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Native Development

User Experience Engineering

Quality Assurance

Technologies Include

React / Redux


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

iOS / Android Native and Hybrid Development

AngluarJS / TypeScript

Responsive Web Design

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Applications, commonly known as PWAs, are web-based experiences that give the customer the feel of a native application. PWAs provide native-like features such as push notifications, caching, offline mode and hardware access. Now it’s readily possible for organizations to provide robust and memorable customer journeys once only possible with native apps, with the added flexibility of a web application.
ITG utilizes the Mobify Platform which builds hyper-performant, seamless experiences through Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and native apps to engage and convert shoppers. ITG is a trusted and experienced PWA systems integrator for Mobify, having built several award-winning mobile experiences.

Mobile Products

ITG develops mobile apps for people on the go, from tools that help you plan and schedule your day to devices that help you convert paper documents into digital records. These apps will simplify your life and increase your productivity.


Rich Calendar and Reminders

Awesome Scanner

Smart Scanner for iPhone

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