ERP System

ITG built an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which can be used for Rental Companies which supports both Retail and Wholesale industry.


Built from Scratch


ITG ERP contains multiple enterprise software modules that are individually purchased. Each ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing.

Events Registration

Weddings Events, Prom Event and Group Events.

Inventory Management

Inventory items management, tracking, bar-code assigning and lookups.

Orders Tickets Generation Module
Packaging Module for Retail and Wholesale Customers
Plant Operations Module

Picking/Assembly, Final Inspection and Final assembly.

Shipping Module Integrated with UPS Shipping
Reporting Module

More than 25 different reports for daily, weekly, monthly and custom range reporting.

CRM Module

Prospective customers and e-mail marketing.

Return Process module for Rental Item.

Web API Service Module for Integration With E-commerce Site Version

Secured Payment Integration

Integration with
UPS Shipping

Multi-locations Support

Role Based System

Bar-code Scanning Support

Responsive Web Design

High Performance and
Quick Response

Technologies used


Frameworks 4.5.1


MS-SQL 2008

Software Architecture Design


Additional technologies

UPS, PaymentsGateway, Log4Net, ELMAH, Bootstrap, EntityFramework 5.0, JQuery, JQuery UI,
JQuery validation, Modernizr, MailGun, Twilio SMS
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